If you transform your thinking, you can transform your company. 

Innovation speaker, Paul Vorreiter, helps organizations and business teams discover new ways of thinking, develop stronger solutions and transform their company.

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Key Focus:
+ innovation
+ creativity
+ team collaboration
+ building culture


How can you flip a switch and get more out of your staff? Learn the five winning ways anyone can use to transform their thinking and corporate culture. Paul shares what he learned and implemented with his creative staff that transformed the culture and created a rock-star team. Every team needs to improve their thinking, get more done and deliver better results. 

How do you build a rock-star team today with the people you have right now? How do you ignite your teams’ creative spark? No, you can’t start over and hire a new staff. You have to be the catalyst and affect change. This keynote is packed with real, implementable exercises that you can use to get your team members thinking more creatively. 

Participants learn:

  • Simple exercises everyone can use to become more innovative

  • How creativity is a forgotten skill and how to reignite it again

  • The five killers that are hurting your creativity and your business

  • How to deepen your team’s engagement and trust

  • The top three outcomes when you start leading from an innovation mindset

THis session is perfect for:

  • Executives and Managers

  • Marketing Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

“You work too long somewhere not to make it fun. Innovation isn’t a mystery...YOU can be the catalyst.” Great session by @pvibook on our final day of #IMEX18! #EventProfs
— Hello! Destination Management
“This is the best presentation I have ever gone to in my life! It transformed the way I think, I’m excited to be more creative in my work.”
— Rachel Muir, VP of Training, Pursuant.com
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Key Focus:
+ creativity
+ innovation
+ building culture


Cubicles are one of the worst killers of creativity ever invented. How do I know? I lived on a gray cubicle for almost nine years in an in-house agency. Unfortunately, most in-house creative teams are forced to live in their "gray world" too. So how do you change the atmosphere even you can't change the cubicles?

Find out what steps you can take to transform your world and spark creativity among your team members. This session will help you achieve higher levels of creativity even if the walls are still colored gray. 

Audiences Walk away With:

  • A creative strategy to start small and implement simple changes

  • A list of field trips and activities that don't break the budget but have high
    impact on your creative team.

  • The secret of celebrating your people and celebrating wins

  • How to go from culture-less to a thriving creative culture

  • Creative ways to build community you won't believe are so simple

THis session is perfect for:

  • Management and Creative Leaders

  • Art Directors and Designers

  • In-House Agency Directors

Paul Vorreiter Creativity Speaker & Presentations Speaker
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Go from boring presentations to brilliant slides.

In today’s business, presentations are a necessary, but unfortunately, most are boring, confusing and sometimes painful to watch. Presentations have to accomplish three things to be effective. They have to inform, entertain the audience and most importantly, close the sale. Great presentations do all three.  Learn easy-to-apply techniques that help you create slides faster, unleash your creativity and inspire your audience. This workshop is designed to help transform your company’s presentations. 


Participants LEARN:

      • How to design a presentation from scratch

      • How to troubleshoot existing slides and make them more powerful

      • How to break out of the repetitive bullet-point rut

      • How to apply Paul’s 15 slide secrets that create impact

      • How to collaborate more effectively as a team

      THis workshop is perfect for:

        • Business Teams
        • Managers and Leaders
        • Anyone who presents on a regular basis
        “With Paul’s secrets, I learned how to display my information better and to help me create a clean and engaging presentation.”
        — — Megan Roman, Sr. Client Relationship Manager, IDC
        Megan Roman, Presentation Workshop Graduate


        The Storytelling Workshop was developed as an advanced workshop of The Presentation Workshop. It is designed to help transform how you develop a presentation for greater audience impact using the power of stories. During the workshop Paul shares some of his secrets he using when he designs for some of the world's best speaker. You will learn how sticky notes and storyboarding can help you impact an audience. Your team will learn how to increase buying decisions and how to inspire any audience to action. 

        Participants Walk away understanding:

            • Planning for Flow: When we plan first, and design slides second our entire presentation reaches new heights and engages our audience. 

            • Inspiring an Audience: Understanding the science of engagement and how to connect with your emotionally with an audience and increase your presentation’s impact. 

            • Secrets of Story Development: Utilizing high-impact images, developing a stronger story flow will improve a presentation, but it will also create a dynamic impact. 

            • How to Break Down Boring Data: Using proven and simple techniques, you will learn how to turn charts into powerful conversation tools.

            THis workshop is perfect for:

              • Business and Sales Teams
              • Managers and Leaders
              • Anyone who presents on a regular basis
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              Paul translates his expertise from 25+ years in the marketing and advertising worlds into powerful creative strategies that any organization can use to innovate how they work.

              His presentations inspire transformation and rekindle collaboration within your existing team members. Paul unlocks the mystery of innovation and creativity into simple steps that everyone can quickly implement into their business to:

              1. drive collaboration

              2. improve Corporate culture

              3. inspire innovation