5 Ways Bad Presentations Cost Your Company Money

Let's get right to it; bad presentations cost your company money!   You've probably been in a presentation before and wondered, "Get to the point, I have other things to do today." Sure you have, we all have.

Here are just five ways bad presentations are costing your company money:

1. Too much time to create.
While PowerPoint is the number one presentation software in the world, it is also the number one time-suck in business.  Designed for engineers to share their findings, PowerPoint can eat up valuable hours of productivity if you and your team members don't have a plan for a presentation before opening their computer. I call it the "frozen template syndrome." The way we learned to use PowerPoint is wrong.  If you don't know better, we start by opening up a new document and then choose a template. Then we start filling slide templates that don't communicate. Bullet-points aren't inspiring and don't help us tell a compelling story.  The problem is that slide templates tend to freeze our brain. They get us stuck in filling in every bullet point instead of sharing the most information. 

2. Your Presentation is too long.
Almost all of the sales presentations I see, the presenter tries to cram as much information into the allotted time. It doesn't work, and it is frustrating for the presenter as well as the audience. I recommend cutting the number of slides in half. Yup, in half. That way the presenter has time to discuss the important issues the audience wants to hear as well as giving them two minutes to discuss each slide. It allows for case studies to be shared and stories to be told that can resonate with an audience. So, my rule of thumb is time divided by two equals the total amount of slides that are possible to share comfortably. If you have 60 minutes for the presentation, that means you should present a maximum of 30 slides. And I do mean the maximum number of slides. 

3. That "town hall meeting" just cost you $150,000.
You've probably sat there in a town hall meeting and wondered, "How much money the CEO is costing the company by presenting information that everyone in the room knows already." You start figuring out the hourly rate for your team and the sales department. It's amazing how much money is wasted by not preparing and practicing a good presentation.  I once was in a town hall meeting with 1,300 employees that went on for an hour and a half. That's was a lot of dough to spend so we could hear the president of the company share information with us that everyone in the organization already knew. Was it worth it? 

Don't get me wrong, town hall meetings are necessary, but every presenter can waste time during a town hall meeting by not being prepared to share their BEST information.  So how do you keep this from happening? You need a plan. Gather a top-notch presentation team that can determine what the most valuable information is necessary to share and what can be shared in a follow-up email. Problems arise when we forget who we are presenting to and what they need to hear from us. Town Hall meetings are valuable, but let's have a plan when we gather the troops. I only caution that the clock is ticking and if you don't have a plan they can cost a company valuable time. 

4. Template thinking kills communication
Ah, the slide template. When I help train business teams one of the first things I have them do when they start to design a presentation is to close their computer. We are used to using a slide template as a crutch we forget to use our brains to create better stories. One of the lessons I teach during the Presentation Workshop is how to create a presentation in under 10 minutes. To do this, I have teams stand and find a space to use sticky notes to map out their upcoming presentation. The images below are a team of business analysts for IDC.com in one of my Presentation Workshops. In just 10 minutes, participants created over 140 slide ideas they plan to use in their next presentation. The great thing about this exercise is that in a matter of minutes each participant created a captivating story that was far more interesting than a slide with five bullets on it. 

Presentation Training for companies
Workshop participants map out their presentation in less than 10 minutes.

Workshop participants map out their presentation in less than 10 minutes.

5. Bad presentations don't close sales
Bad sales presentation bore the audience. Nobody likes to sit through a long and boring sales presentation. They cost your company money, and they don't land new contracts. Right now, take a minute and think about how your sales team presents to potential clients. Is the sales deck tired and boring? Does it share valuable case studies? Is the team excited about sharing it with the client or are they relying on their sales abilities? What if you could change all that with one workshop. That's what The Presentation Workshop accomplishes for companies. It helps companies land more sales, share engaging information and helps build buy-in from your sales team. 

Stop wasting money with your business presentations. Make them a powerful tool that can impact your bottom line. Call Paul today to discuss training options for your team. 

Presentation Expert and Trainer, Paul Vorreiter works with business teams what want to transform how they utilize their business presentations. As a recovering creative director, Paul Vorreiter has spent over 25+ years using creativity to ignite team members, design and build million-dollar brands, and transform workplaces. Refocus your people to use their creative side, and your business presentations will transform.

Presentation training for companies!

When I say Presentation Training, I'm not talking about a presentation skills class. I'm talking about harnessing the power of what a great presentation looks like and how I can help your team transform their boring presentation into a story presentation that gets results. 

Denver Presentation Training
presentation training Denver

I've spent over 10 years perfecting The Presentation Workshop. It's a live, in-person training format that helps your best players utilize their most powerful tool, their brain. Over the course of the workshop, teams learn my 15 proven secrets that they can immediately put to use improving and designing a better presentation. We discuss how existing presentations are failing and how we can fix that problem. This isn't a fluffy talk-at-you-lecture. It's hands-on and packed with new skills your team will put to use in the second part of the workshop. 

presentation training denver

Take advantage of my 25+ years as a visual thinker and creative director. Give your team a common language they can use to create visually impactful slides for their next presentation.

Over the years I've had the privilege of training sales teams, marketing groups, in-house agencies and small business owners within an hour of my office in Parker, Colorado. The best part for me is, I get to sleep in my own bed instead of a hotel room. For you, that means you can take advantage of some training discounts because we don't have to negotiate on travel and expenses. 

Participants from Dell, IDC, Intel and Texas Mutual have all benefitted from knowing my secrets that I teach during The Presentation Workshop. In fact, many of these companies have me back regularly to train an additional employees. 



You don't have to take my word for it, here is what participants have said about The Presentation Workshop:

“Paul’s workshop gave me the confidence to break away from standard template-based bullet-points.”
— Gard L., Research Director
“Your workshop helped me relearn what is really important in a presentation. Thanks for making me re-think how I design a presentation.”
— Ben M., Sr. Research Analyst
“The Presentation Workshop was so helpful in breaking down ideas into manageable chunks and rebuilding them into something with more impact.
— Beth C., Sr. Marketing Specialist

More information about The Presentation Workshop? Download the flyer. 

Top 3 benefits of live, in-person presentation training.

While some virtual training programs can be beneficial to your employees, I am often told that The Presentation Workshop is powerful for three main reasons. It's those same reasons I believe that investing in training can be transformational to your team. It's also why I train teams full-time and why I love doing it. 

#1: Time
One to the toughest things to do in business today is to set aside time to learn new skills. We all want to learn, but the tyranny of the urgent always takes precedence. We just don't have time. What's next on the never ending To-Do-List? What's due today? When companies commit to sending their team members to a half-day workshop, it pays huge dividends. By setting aside the half-day for training, everyone gets a breather from the rat race. It allows them to refocus and step away from the daily grind. Participants benefit from focused learning time and knowing that the company believes enough in them to hire a professional trainer to help transform their thinking and transfer new skills.

#2: Collaboration
While some workshops suffer from long lectures of boring information, The Presentation Workshop is specifically designed to take advantage of the most powerful learning technique: group collaboration. Having spent twenty plus years leading creative people, I know how to make learning fun and engaging. Several times throughout The Presentation Workshop participants are asked to break up into teams of five and teams of two to work on specific techniques they learned and immediately put into practice on their own PowerPoints. 

#3: New Thinking
Lastly, participants benefit from learning new ways to think about how to create a powerful presentation. The Presentation Workshop isn't based on slide-template theory but on design-theory that everyone can use to create compelling slides and storylines that are compelling to an audience. Also, each participant walks away with a new way to communicate with others when they create a presentation. With their design cheat sheets in hand, participants can quickly create slides that are easy to execute and have greater visual impact. 

In only a couple of hours, I've seen the most analytical participant become amazed at how much better their re-designed presentation is after the workshop. Every time I help a new group learn to apply my proven design techniques they walk away feeling confident they can create a much more powerful presentation. 

For more information about The Presentation Workshop, click here. 

Corporate Presentation Training

Don't sit through mind-numbingly boring presentations again. Train your key leadership to create presentations that engage the audience and have greater impact. 

If you haven't noticed, we don't put up with slides with 20 bullet-points anymore. Attention spans continue to shorten and our media-savvy brains are starving for a more engaging way to communicate. It's not really anyone's fault, but it something every business, every speaker, and every trainer needs to rethink how their visuals are impacting an audience. 

Your team needs a new strategy but how do you get one?

presentation training for teams

The Presentation Workshop is designed to help your team members re-think, re-learn and re-design their presentations slides. Participants learn specific ways to break out of the bullet-point rut, how to share compelling stories during a presentation and how to transform boring slides into memorable ones. 


Planning and Preparation: Learn how to plan your presentation before opening your computer or presentation software. 

Impacting an Audience: Understand the science of engagement, so your audience connects emotionally to your presentation. 

Secrets to Stronger Story Development: Utilizing visual stories, improved presentation flow and selecting powerful images to persuade an audience. 

How to Break Out of the Bullet-point Rut: Learn more interesting techniques for displaying your most important concepts. 

Save time through fast action methods: This workshop is hands-on and practical. In three hours, you can transform your presentation strategy with real-world examples the work! 

Presentation Training for Sales Teams

How do you make your sales presentation better? Most sales presentations fail to connect with potential buyers, and buyers don't purchase. It's as simple as that. 

One of the biggest reasons is your sales presentation is stale and lifeless. Your sales team quickly run through slides that are meaningless or worse yet, they skip large sections of your pitch and to get to the decision section of the presentation. The facts are this type of scenario doesn't work, and your sales team is frustrated. 

Happy young entrepreneurs high fives

What's the answer? Let's gather your best people and design a sales presentation that kicks butt. Build a clear story that gets into the head of your potential buyers. And have your people come up with a stronger close that helps clients see how your company can solve their problems.

The Presentation Workshop can help transform how your team thinks about their sales presentation. Gather your best people and let's work the problem. 

Most of the sales presentations that I see fail for one of two reasons. First, your slides are way too cluttered with unimportant information. Cut out the fluff and get to the real information your clients want. Second, your story isn't compelling to the buyer. You haven't shared how you fix your buyer's problem. And, unfortunately, your team get's stuck in the  "How great we are . . ." section. The customer doesn't want to hear it, they want real solutions to their problems, and they want them quickly. 

In just a few hours of training, your sales team can come together and create the right story that lands new clients. Invest in your sales presentation and let's refresh what your sales team is sharing. 

For more on The Presentation Workshop click here. 

Paul Vorreiter

Paul Vorreiter typically works with internal marketing and sales teams who before working together were frustrated by how long it took to create sales presentations that didn’t land new customers. 

Paul Vorreiter helps transform business teams across the country. He also designs customized presentations for some of the top professional speakers in the world. His client list includes several hall-of-fame speakers and has been recognized as one of the best presentation designers in the business. It all started in 2009 when Paul saw that he and his creative staff weren’t presenting as well as he believed was possible. So, he researched what made great presentation slides and why great slides work more effectively than standard PowerPoint templates. Out of Paul’s research, The Presentation Workshop was born. Over 300 people have learned Paul’s  unique but easily-understood system to transform the look and effectiveness of their presentations. 

As a recovering creative director, Paul Vorreiter has spent over 25+ years using creativity to ignite team members, design and build million-dollar brands, and transform workplaces. Believe it or not, creative agencies struggle with presentation too. Refocus your people to use their creative side, and your business presentations will transform.

3 Ways to Boost Your Company Culture

If you're like most companies we all struggle to keep the best people? Here are 3 ways to boost your corporate culture and change your company culture.


Most companies tend to run at a very fast pace, almost as hectic as an ad agency. So your team members need a break after meeting a tight deadline. So give them one. The number one thing you can give you people is extra time: Time off from work to refresh their enthusiasm for your mission or time just to be with their lives. It's a gift that they appreciate. I remember sending my team home early or away for the day so they could just clear their heads. When everyone is driving to make deadlines, they sacrifice their own time for the company. So give time away as a gift. I loved congratulating team members and then surprising them with time away from the office. "Great work, now, I don't want to see you here tomorrow." It's amazing what a surprise half day off will do for morale. 


What if you helped your team new skills and new ways of working. Would it be valuable? Of course it would be. I'm passionate about training, not only because I get hired as a trainer, but also as a leader in the past. I was able to see first hand how training employees can have huge benefits later. It shows your employees that they are valued and that you want to help them succeed in their careers as well. If you believe in your people they tend to believe in you and your mission as a company. Give your employees the gift of training. Set aside percentage of their salary as a training budget. It will pay great dividends down the road. 


Whether it's a birthday celebration or the completion on a tight deadline, you need to celebrate your team members and your company accomplishments. Everyone on your team works hard, and it's nice to feel valued. Celebrate your team member's birthdays. Make the day a big deal with streamers and balloons and lunch out as a group. There isn't anything worse than working on your birthday. So celebrate your people with a birthday celebration. Don't let your team know, but you are building a culture of honor when you celebrate someone's birthday. 

Paul spent his career growing creative teams and designing marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar companies for agencies. Now he teaches creative strategies and secrets of growing your people that every company can use to win at business.