Rethink Your Keynote

One of the best things I like about my job is that I get to work with some of the best keynote speakers in the world. All of my clients have one thing in common . . . they believe, like I do, that the boring keynote is dead. No longer will audiences put up with a 45-minute lecture. No more will they sit through poorly designed slides and no more do they think you are relevant as a speaker if your slides contain bullet-points. It's time to make a change and rethink your keynote. 

Step 1: Strip out what's not necessary.

When I work with a client we review every slide and every story in their presentation. We pay close attention making sure their talk has a natural flow and a solid structure. Most of the time we find something that doesn't belong and ore was and add-on idea that doesn't fit anymore.  I'm all about eliminating stage stress and stripping out what's not necessary. Today's audiences are highly-tuned to fluff. Eliminating fluff in your keynote can enhance how your message is received.

Step 2: Stronger branding presence in your slides

You've spent years building your speaker brand, yet when your tired old slides show up on the big screen you feel a little disappointed. Guess what. Your audience is disappointed too.  We all consume media 20x faster than we used to and we are constantly bombarded with images in our high-tech, smartphone world. In an instant, your slides are evaluated on how they stack up against the competition. You may think, "I have better slides than my speaking competitors." The problem is, that is not your competition these days. Your competition is with every multimillion dollar ad campaign, every visual that hits our smartphone. If your keynote slides look like they are from early 2005, your audience immediately determines that your message is irrelevant. How do you overcome this bias? No, adding your logo to every slide is not what I am talking about. In fact, It's the opposite. Build a keynote deck that is equal to your high-profile branding. Rethink every element of your brand, color scheme, typeface, animations, social media presence . . . everything your brand is, your slide deck should be equal to or heighten the keynote experience. 

Step 3: Do you even need slides? 

Yup, I said it. Do you need slides for your keynote presentation? So many keynote speakers believe they are good enough not to use slides. I agree, great keynotes don't have to have slides. But, the slides aren't for the speaker, they are for the audience. The audience needs to have some type of visual bucket or anchor so they can store your information so it's more memorable. I like to design keynote decks that are versatile enough that allow the keynote speaker to use as few as five slides for the 45-minute keynote. Guess what, those slides have to fantastic. They have to show they've been designed and customized specifically to fit the personality of the speaker. Do your slides create an "a-ha effect"? Are your audiences taking photos of your slides and tweeting them out to the universe. If not, let's talk. 

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