3 Ways to Boost Your Company Culture

If you're like most companies we all struggle to keep the best people? Here are 3 ways to boost your corporate culture and change your company culture.


Most companies tend to run at a very fast pace, almost as hectic as an ad agency. So your team members need a break after meeting a tight deadline. So give them one. The number one thing you can give you people is extra time: Time off from work to refresh their enthusiasm for your mission or time just to be with their lives. It's a gift that they appreciate. I remember sending my team home early or away for the day so they could just clear their heads. When everyone is driving to make deadlines, they sacrifice their own time for the company. So give time away as a gift. I loved congratulating team members and then surprising them with time away from the office. "Great work, now, I don't want to see you here tomorrow." It's amazing what a surprise half day off will do for morale. 


What if you helped your team new skills and new ways of working. Would it be valuable? Of course it would be. I'm passionate about training, not only because I get hired as a trainer, but also as a leader in the past. I was able to see first hand how training employees can have huge benefits later. It shows your employees that they are valued and that you want to help them succeed in their careers as well. If you believe in your people they tend to believe in you and your mission as a company. Give your employees the gift of training. Set aside percentage of their salary as a training budget. It will pay great dividends down the road. 


Whether it's a birthday celebration or the completion on a tight deadline, you need to celebrate your team members and your company accomplishments. Everyone on your team works hard, and it's nice to feel valued. Celebrate your team member's birthdays. Make the day a big deal with streamers and balloons and lunch out as a group. There isn't anything worse than working on your birthday. So celebrate your people with a birthday celebration. Don't let your team know, but you are building a culture of honor when you celebrate someone's birthday. 

Paul spent his career growing creative teams and designing marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar companies for agencies. Now he teaches creative strategies and secrets of growing your people that every company can use to win at business.