7 Presentation Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

Let me get right to the point, If you changed these seven things in your presentation, you will stand out from the crowd. Right now, you probably look like everyone else. 

1. "Calibri is my favorite font." Noooooo!

If you use Calibri in your presentation, please stop. I like to call it, "the font that kills your credibility." It's too casual and from a typography standpoint it's a weak font. If you believe Calibri helps you become more relatable, it doesn't. Please use Arial or Helvetica.  We want you to believe you are an expert, but Calibri just makes you look amateurish.  

2. Same PowerPoint Layout as Everyone else. 

Yup, everyone uses the same template. Think out of the box a little and have a template designed specifically for you and your brand. When I design for clients it's the number one thing we change first. Create a template or buy a template that uses your brand colors and use it instead of the standard templates in Keynote or PowerPoint. 

3. You are using cheesy stock images

You know what I mean, right? That fake handshake photo or the team photo where everyone is smiling and giving a thumbs up. As soon as one of these images pops onto the screen you lose all credibility with us.

4. Your images are low-resolution

Buy all of your photos and buy the higher resolution image. Stop trying the stretch that Google image you found from 300 pixels to 800 pixels. We just think you are lazy and cheap. 

5. Too many bullet points

Yup. If you have more than 6 bullet-points on a slide it's too much. When you that slide comes up with ten bullet-points we check out because we know you are going to discuss everyone of those bullets. Please don't we need some variety, please break them up into two or more slides. 

6. Bad clip art or Microsoft Wordart

The 1990s called and they want their clip art back. Don't even get me started on Microsoft Wordart. Right now, open up your presentation and delete anything the is clip art or Wordart. You will be better off if you just delete it out of your presentation. 

7. All your images are place inside the slide margins. 

What do I mean? The standard template in most presentation templates has all of the images as boxes inside of the slide margins. Why, because PowerPoint was designed by engineers and not graphic designers. You want to "bleed" your images off of the edge of the slides. It seems like a simple change but it makes a big difference in perception. And besides, it doesn't cost you anything. 


How do you make a presentation that stands out from the rest?

One step at a time. Pick one of these seven things EVERY DAY for seven days and you will have a much better presentation a week later. I know, who has time? You do.