Better Slides for Keynote Speakers

Building better slides for keynote speakers is always a thrill. When you speak for a living it’s all about sharing your ideas. It’s why you do what you do. The better your presentation slides are at helping the audience follow your story, the better chance you have of changing their hearts. The better chance you have of impacting someone’s life. Speaking is a tough, yet rewarding business, I know because I do it too.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’m cursed with 25 years of design experience. That means I evaluate your slides in seconds. Even before you, the speaker, even open your mouth. Guess what, so does your audience. Like most speakers, you came from the business world. The world of PowerPoint, with its array of bad templates, 27 thousand bullet-points, and unreadable charts. There’s a better way! A different road and it’s worth traveling down. Crafting a compelling story and building slides that enhance your message is difficult. You can’t do it alone you need a trained eyes and ears to get down to your core message.

I love to get the text and emails from my keynote speaker clients that say, “Wow, the audience was in the palm of my hand! All I saw were pairs of eyes looking back at me.” Now that’s a slide deck worthy of your message. Let’s chat more.