Corporate Presentation Training

Don't sit through mind-numbingly boring presentations again. Train your key leadership to create presentations that engage the audience and have greater impact. 

If you haven't noticed, we don't put up with slides with 20 bullet-points anymore. Attention spans continue to shorten and our media-savvy brains are starving for a more engaging way to communicate. It's not really anyone's fault, but it something every business, every speaker, and every trainer needs to rethink how their visuals are impacting an audience. 

Your team needs a new strategy but how do you get one?

presentation training for teams

The Presentation Workshop is designed to help your team members re-think, re-learn and re-design their presentations slides. Participants learn specific ways to break out of the bullet-point rut, how to share compelling stories during a presentation and how to transform boring slides into memorable ones. 


Planning and Preparation: Learn how to plan your presentation before opening your computer or presentation software. 

Impacting an Audience: Understand the science of engagement, so your audience connects emotionally to your presentation. 

Secrets to Stronger Story Development: Utilizing visual stories, improved presentation flow and selecting powerful images to persuade an audience. 

How to Break Out of the Bullet-point Rut: Learn more interesting techniques for displaying your most important concepts. 

Save time through fast action methods: This workshop is hands-on and practical. In three hours, you can transform your presentation strategy with real-world examples the work!