Travel Tips for Speakers

Paul: Hi everyone, it's Paul Vorreiter here. I'm here today with Angela Gaffney, author, speaker and health coach. And she's here today to give us some tips about how to be a great road warrior.

Angela: That's right. As speakers, we're always on the go and it's important to be prepared. So, first things first, have food in your bag at all times. A great tool is just have some of the raw food or whole-food protein bars. Let me tell you, you've got to do your homework and read the ingredient list because some of these bars have stuff in them that you don't want to put in to your body. So make sure you do your homework, pick the good ones, whole-food protein bars. The next thing is grab a piece of fruit. That's easy, right out of the fruit bowl before you head out the door. Easy nutritious snack. And then the third thing is, I don't travel anywhere without a handy-dandy little bag of raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, your choice. But have those in your bag. Great fat, protein and fiber. It'll keep you satiated and on target for a productive day. So that's it guys, just be prepared.

Paul: Sounds great. Thanks, Angela. Talk to you guys soon.