Presentation Training for Sales Teams

How do you make your sales presentation better? Most sales presentations fail to connect with potential buyers, and buyers don't purchase. It's as simple as that. 

One of the biggest reasons is your sales presentation is stale and lifeless. Your sales team quickly run through slides that are meaningless or worse yet, they skip large sections of your pitch and to get to the decision section of the presentation. The facts are this type of scenario doesn't work, and your sales team is frustrated. 

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What's the answer? Let's gather your best people and design a sales presentation that kicks butt. Build a clear story that gets into the head of your potential buyers. And have your people come up with a stronger close that helps clients see how your company can solve their problems.

The Presentation Workshop can help transform how your team thinks about their sales presentation. Gather your best people and let's work the problem. 

Most of the sales presentations that I see fail for one of two reasons. First, your slides are way too cluttered with unimportant information. Cut out the fluff and get to the real information your clients want. Second, your story isn't compelling to the buyer. You haven't shared how you fix your buyer's problem. And, unfortunately, your team get's stuck in the  "How great we are . . ." section. The customer doesn't want to hear it, they want real solutions to their problems, and they want them quickly. 

In just a few hours of training, your sales team can come together and create the right story that lands new clients. Invest in your sales presentation and let's refresh what your sales team is sharing. 

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Paul Vorreiter

Paul Vorreiter typically works with internal marketing and sales teams who before working together were frustrated by how long it took to create sales presentations that didn’t land new customers. 

Paul Vorreiter helps transform business teams across the country. He also designs customized presentations for some of the top professional speakers in the world. His client list includes several hall-of-fame speakers and has been recognized as one of the best presentation designers in the business. It all started in 2009 when Paul saw that he and his creative staff weren’t presenting as well as he believed was possible. So, he researched what made great presentation slides and why great slides work more effectively than standard PowerPoint templates. Out of Paul’s research, The Presentation Workshop was born. Over 300 people have learned Paul’s  unique but easily-understood system to transform the look and effectiveness of their presentations. 

As a recovering creative director, Paul Vorreiter has spent over 25+ years using creativity to ignite team members, design and build million-dollar brands, and transform workplaces. Believe it or not, creative agencies struggle with presentation too. Refocus your people to use their creative side, and your business presentations will transform.