Top 3 benefits of live, in-person presentation training.

While some virtual training programs can be beneficial to your employees, I am often told that The Presentation Workshop is powerful for three main reasons. It's those same reasons I believe that investing in training can be transformational to your team. It's also why I train teams full-time and why I love doing it. 

#1: Time
One to the toughest things to do in business today is to set aside time to learn new skills. We all want to learn, but the tyranny of the urgent always takes precedence. We just don't have time. What's next on the never ending To-Do-List? What's due today? When companies commit to sending their team members to a half-day workshop, it pays huge dividends. By setting aside the half-day for training, everyone gets a breather from the rat race. It allows them to refocus and step away from the daily grind. Participants benefit from focused learning time and knowing that the company believes enough in them to hire a professional trainer to help transform their thinking and transfer new skills.

#2: Collaboration
While some workshops suffer from long lectures of boring information, The Presentation Workshop is specifically designed to take advantage of the most powerful learning technique: group collaboration. Having spent twenty plus years leading creative people, I know how to make learning fun and engaging. Several times throughout The Presentation Workshop participants are asked to break up into teams of five and teams of two to work on specific techniques they learned and immediately put into practice on their own PowerPoints. 

#3: New Thinking
Lastly, participants benefit from learning new ways to think about how to create a powerful presentation. The Presentation Workshop isn't based on slide-template theory but on design-theory that everyone can use to create compelling slides and storylines that are compelling to an audience. Also, each participant walks away with a new way to communicate with others when they create a presentation. With their design cheat sheets in hand, participants can quickly create slides that are easy to execute and have greater visual impact. 

In only a couple of hours, I've seen the most analytical participant become amazed at how much better their re-designed presentation is after the workshop. Every time I help a new group learn to apply my proven design techniques they walk away feeling confident they can create a much more powerful presentation. 

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