Take your investor pitch to the next level with customized coaching.

Getting funded is tough, especially when your slides and your performance detract from your message. Together, we will transform your pitch into something memorable. 

Biggest Advantages of live coaching

  • Individualized coaching, specific to your most pressing needs. 

  • It's a bit painful, but you can watch yourself transform as a speaker in a couple of hours. 

  • Intensive focus always produces results, that's why we pack it into a tight timeframe for maximum change.

  • Increased freedom to become yourself, instead of that robot you've been acting like in other pitches. 

  • The confidence that you have put in the hard work and you know your pitch is solid. When we pitch it's all about confidence, it's contagious. 

Intentional Focus


We start with the obvious things. What things do YOU see when you watch yourself on video? It's really amazing how our subconscious takes over and shows our nervousness. Part of pitching is being open with yourself to change. That's why we both look at the videos and find things we don't like. 

  • Why do you do that with your hands or your lips?

  • Let's get rid of those "ums" "ahs" and filer words.

  • Secrets to reducing your nervousness.

There really are simple ways to fix these distractions, the first step is to notice them. That's what we are after when we work together and every coaching session is recorded. It's not uncommon to record and review 5 pitches in one session. The cool thing is you get to see your progress and walk away with an action plan to improve. 



As a professional speaker I hang out with some of the best in the world. Guess what, they share their secrets sometimes. I'm constantly learning how to become more fluid and engaging on stage in front of an audience. It's from those tips and tricks that we can take you to the next level. 

  • Where do you stand and how do you move in front of an audience.

  • In a 1-on-1 meeting with a potential investor, where do you sit and how you talk will make an impression.

  • What to wear for a professional appearance?

  • Increasing your smile factor. How do you train yourself to look more friendly. People do business with people they know, like and trust.


Story Development and Messaging. 

How you tell your company's story will make a huge difference in getting funding. We improve your messaging so it resonates with your audience. If your message resonates, you win and the competition loses. There's only so much money and your story and messaging can seal the deal. 

  • Share your value proposition and leverage your differentiators

  • Design the right message for the right audience

  • Techniques for effectively keeping the audience's attention



As a presentation expert, I know 5 simple but profound secrets that will make you great. We practice all of the pitch scenarios you might encounter from speed pitches to formal audience presentations. We build a strategy for answering questions. Being prepared for all types of pitches will make you look like a rock star. A rock star worthy of funding. 

  • Speed Pitch

  • 1-on-1 Tablet Pitch

  • Incubator Pitch

  • Angel Investor Pitch

  • Venture Capital Pitch

Let's Get Started!

Let's have a discussion, I want to design a coaching program specifically for you and your needs. Anyone who says they can "fix you" in one session is lying. Run away as fast as you can. 

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