Meet Paul Vorreiter

Paul Vorreiter (Vor-eater) is a creativity and presentation expert with over two decades of design, branding and presentation experience. 

As a recovering creative director, Paul used to lead art directors, designers and writers, but these days you’ll find him speaking and consulting with business teams across the country, helping them to realize how creativity can propel their business to new heights. 

Paul captivates audiences with his creativity and content that delivers several “A-ha” moments throughout his talks. Audiences frequently use the phrase “mind-blowing” when describing Paul’s programs. 

Why Hire Paul?

Paul’s was built to connect. His top strengths are Strategic, Connectedness, Activator, Arranger, Individualization. Can anyone say, Transformational Speaker? He is known as the People’s Champion and he impacts audiences with passion and creates powerful connections with your participants.

Paul is passionate about personal transformation. When he designs presentations for some of the best speakers in the world, he often says, “It’s not about you, it’s about what the audience gets from your talk. What the audience remembers, and how it changes their thinking.” If he transforms the presentation for the best speakers in the business, you can imagine how Paul's presentations engage and audience. 

Paul’s background as a creative director coupled with his marketing and branding expertise help him create highly effective presentations. He continues to stretch what it means to be a creative entrepreneur and business leader. He shares secrets that once you learn them, you never approach your presentation or business the say way as before. As a sought after keynote speaker on creative and investor pitch decks, Paul continues to delight and surprise audiences with his humor and authentic nature on stage.  

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When you hire Paul, it’s only the start of his engagement in your event success. Here are some examples of how Paul is present in helping you and your team succeed. Some of the ways he helps elevate your conference is part of his “secret sauce,” so he doesn’t list is all here. It’s an excellent list. Even if you don’t work with Paul, you will want his “Secrets of Event Engagement.”

Before Your Event

Pre-Event brainstorm to inspire more creativity
Customized presentation specifically for your audience
Pre-Event promotion
Pre-Event tips for all your speakers

During Your Event

LIVE connectivity via twitter + facebook + event hashtag
Engagement and presence with your entire event not just the keynote
After-Keynote book signings
VIP Q&A Sessions
Presentation slides that “Wow” your audience

The After Party

Post event video of Keynote Highlight
Follow-up Q & A Webinar
30, 60 and 90-days follow-up videos


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