Training workshops for employees. Live, in-person training can transform your company. Whether it's a 90-minute workshop or a 2-day deep dive, I guarantee my workshops are fun, interactive and highly-profitable for you and your business. 

Creative thinking can change your team members, your ability to innovate and to build a culture with your existing team that you never thought possible. During this workshop I share practical exercises in brainstorming and creativity that helped change my creative staff's mind about what a cohesive team could be. MORE >

The Presentation Workshop will empower you with easy-to-apply skills that help unleash your creativity and inspire you to design slides that engage your audience and move them to action. 

Learn specific ways to break out of the bullet-point rut, transform your slides and stand out from the crowd. Learn how to β€œWow!” your clients and move your audience to β€œYes.”  MORE >

Let's face it . . . most pitch decks suck! Your pitch deck is usually the last thing your throw together before your investor meeting. Well, it shows What if you had a plan? That's what this workshop is about! Building a presentation that communicates, that answers your potential investors' questions and helps you tell the right story. MORE >

Take your investor pitch to the next level with customized coaching. Getting funded is tough, especially when your slides and your performance detract from your message. Together, we will transform your pitch into something memorable. MORE >