Your pitch deck slides can make or break your startup dreams.

Let's face it, you have poured yourself into your company and the last thing you have time for is to design your pitch deck . . . not to mention design something that matches the quality of your brand.

Raising startup money is challenging and requires a solid strategy. That's where I come in. I know what investors are looking for in a pitch and I know the brain science behind your presentation. When we work together, we create slides that help get you funded. To make it simple, I've designed three different levels of engagement for you to choose. 

What My Clients Say:

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"You know your pitch deck is great when a potential investor stops you three slides in to your pitch presentation and compliments you on your slides. 'They’re the best I have seen.’"
  — John Huggins, Chairman and President of Notable Systems, Inc.

"Paul was amazing to work with! He helped us raise the level of our sales decks and pitch deck to where they needed to be in our high-tech market. Together we helped our brand story shine." — Paul Smith, Chief Executive Officer

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Pitch Deck Packages

LEVEL 1: Brainstorm & Slides

Give your pitch slides a shot in the arm! Let’s face it, the pitch deck is usually thrown together at the last minute. When your slides enhance your pitch presentation, you rise above your competition and have a better chance at landing new funding and investors for your company.

  • Includes 4-hour brainstorm session

  • Custom pitch deck slide designs

  • Improved strategy and presentation flow

  • Three rounds of changes

  • PowerPoint or Keynote format

  • Up to 20 most-common pitch slides

LEVEL 2: Brainstorm, Slides & Coaching

Improve the look and delivery of your pitch deck and get 5 hours of personal coaching. As a professional speaker and presentation expert, Paul will help you transform your pitch and your delivery. When we focus on the visuals and the presenter, it transforms your pitch presentation.

  • All Level 1 items included, plus . . .

  • Includes custom slides series of your choice (i.e. Sales Cycle, Demo Animation, etc.)

  • iPad or tablet formats for 1-on-1 conversations

  • 5 hours of 1-on-1 training in using your voice, your body movement, & stage presence

  • Includes 3 separate video evaluations and critique for improvements

LEVEL 3: Three-Day Crash Course

Transform your message, your slides and your delivery! We will spend three intense days in Beaver Creek, Colorado where we brainstorm, design and focus solely on your company’s pitch presentation. If you need a pitch deck fast—this is the best way to walk away with killer slides, the presentation skills and the confidence to rock the world.

  • All Level 1 & Level 2 included, plus . . .

  • Fast-track design and messaging

  • Focused effort and intensity for you and your team members

  • I bring in some amazing people from my network to ensure phenomenal results - experts in funding, voice, messaging and strategy

  • It's amazing what an immersive environment will do for your pitch

  • When you are raising 2.5 million, you better have everything perfect