When your slides match the level of your speaking, magic happens. Professionally designed slides heighten the audience's experience and increase your brand perception. 


As a professional speaker and a member of NSA, I know what you need your slides to do when you present. As a recovering creative director, I know the visual secrets to use to make your slides memorable and how to build the right flow into your presentation. With over two decades of experience in marketing and branding, my visual communication skills will increase your branding and create a unique look and feel for your slides. 


  • Slides that captivate an audience without detracting from your message.
  • Increased confidence that your slides tell the right story
  • More memorable visuals 
  • Improved communication with your audience. 
  • Ideas that showcase your brilliance. 

What My Speaking Clients Say:


"I came to Paul with my PowerPoint presentation ‘Shift Your Brilliance’ that was at best lame and on visual life support. He applied his surgical design scalpel to my anemic presentation and boom . . . new life. Paul, thank you for helping me own the moment."



"Right from the beginning, Paul's process created light bulbs I never had before . . . and this is with material I've been presenting for years. His fresh and innovative perspective created something I never thought possible in a presentation — rock star-ability. If you are serious about your presentation, Paul is your guy!" 

Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE, Completeintelligence.com



“Working with Paul is a treat. His eye for detail, talent for design and attentiveness makes him an asset to anyone wanting to amplify their presentations using well designed, animated slide decks. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and highly recommend him.”

Neen James, CSP, NeenJames.com


“Paul is a real pro. After 20+ years of speaking without slides I hired Paul to help me create a great deck. He delivered a design that was consistent with my brand and provided the support I needed to make effective use of slides. He delivers.”

Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, MarkSanborn.com


"Paul’s work easily tripled the punch in my deck. As a keynote speaker who can’t afford to bore even on audience, I’ve got to bring my A-game – which is why I use Paul.”

John Sileo, CSP, CPAE, Sileo.com


“Working with Paul was one of my favorite creative collaborative experiences in my career. To have a designer-meets-brilliant-business-mind in one person who can conceptualize the grand visions of a speaker and entertainer with both artistry and decisiveness is a rare gift.  Knowing I have Reflective Spark and Paul in my corner gives me the confidence to create whatever the heck I want!”  

Jason Hewlett, CSP, CPAE, JasonHewlett.com


“If you want new, innovative and Professional PowerPoint decks you need to work with Paul. He’s an expert in his field at designing visuals that support your message and create impact. Clients frequently give us positive feedback on our visuals asking us to share with them how to make their decks professional and to the point.”

Stacey hanke, StaceyHankeInc.com


“Paul’s ability to take my regular slide deck and turn it into a fresh, engaging presentation is phenomenal. I get excited every time I speak because I know my slides help me deliver a great presentation.”

Thom Singer, CSP, ThomSinger.com



“Paul was able to take my current keynote presentation and infuse my branding and look into my slides. He took it from good to WOW! He understood what I wanted to communicate in my presentation and what I needed my slides to do for the audience.” 

Dr. Cortney Baker, COrtneybaker.com

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 9.35.28 AM.png

“Paul was recommended to me by two professional speakers. He more than lived up to the glowing recommendations. He worked with me to understand the content, context and flow for one of my keynote presentations and then created stunning visuals that supported the style and theme for my program. Paul exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with him on future projects.” 

Morag Barrett, Skyeteam.com


"Paul Vorreiter is masterful at crafting custom slide decks that amplify your presence and increase audience engagement. In addition to his deep technical knowledge, he possess keen insight into how modern audiences learn, so he knows what presentation techniques to use, what to avoid, and how to make a presentation flow elegantly.  His expert consultation has helped me have my best year ever as a speaker, and that’s why I keep returning to work with Paul." 

Jim Davidson, SpeakingOfAdventure.com


"Paul’s creativity, intuition and expertise took my slides to a completely new level. His ability to quickly grasp my subject matter and to design slides that perfectly captured the concepts and subtly direct the audience was amazing. I can’t wait to see how his creative brain comes up with more ideas for my next presentation deck.”

Erika Garms, MA, PhD, ErikaGarms.com


“Working with Paul was an absolute pleasure, he ‘gets it.’ His keen eye raised the look of my presentation to a whole new level.”

Bob Gray CSP, CA Hof, MemoryEdge.com


"I thought my existing slides were good, but Paul worked miracles with them.  He raised the level of the visuals and the artwork to create a unique and professional brand.  And, he made the extra effort to finish my slides in time for a big event.  Paul was fun to work with and patient in explaining the nuts and bolts that allowed me to take his design and apply it to other programs.  Thank you, Paul!  You made me look good!"

Shelley Row, PE, ShelleyRow.com


“Paul is a presentation rock star. His process will not only make your presentation better, it will improve your structure and flow, and he will challenge you on how to create the best experience for the audience.”

Gerry O’Brion, WhatBigBrandsKnow.com


For a speaker that speaks of CHANGE, I realized that while my content was very unique, my slides looked like everybody else’s….until I worked with Paul. He worked his magic transforming the mundane to the exceptional! I am so pleased with the end result! So . . . if you are reading this, it means you are considering Paul and my advice to you is . . . let Paul CHANGE your outlook on ho-hum slide decks!

André van Hall, AndreVanHall.coM


“Paul was a real pleasure to work with as we brainstormed a new keynote for a well known global manufacturer. His creativity helped me to create a high-impact presentation which the client loved. They commented on the custom images and transitions that Paul designed for the slides which helped to differentiate me from the other speakers at the conference. It was totally worth the investment and I can’t wait to work with Paul again.”

Richard Bryan, RichardJBryan.com