Audiences want much more than your 8 bullet-points on a slide! They want captivating stories and slides they can understand. Studies show boring PowerPoints don't communicate anymore. I help refresh and rethink your presentation for better flow and more impact.

You may have raised your Seed funds or even your Series-A money. Now the stakes get higher and your pitch deck isn't helping you tell your story anymore. That's where I come in. I evaluate at your pitch slides from a creative director's and investor's mindset. During our brainstorm sessions we find the secret sauce to help you captivate any investor or venture capital firm. I know what makes a great pitch deck. 

I work with nationally-known Keynote Speakers who have been around the block a number of times. Most of them have earned their CSP, Certified Speaking Professional achievement from the National Speakers Association and some of them are in the Speakers Hall-of-Fame. I work primarily with people I know or those who have been referred by my other clients. If you consistently impact audiences of 500 or more, then we should work together. 

“Working with Paul was one of my favorite creative collaborative experiences in my career." — Jason Hewlett, CSP, CPAE