Transform how your people design, build and deliver presentations. During the workshop, Paul teaches his proven presentation secrets that will transform any existing presentation from boring to brilliant. 

Who is this Workshop for?

If you've ever created a slide presentation and wished you knew how to tell a better story, then this workshop is for you. Let's face it; most people have never trained in how to create a great slide presentation. Most of the time PowerPoint training is, "Open PowerPoint and create a presentation for next Tuesday's meeting." That's it. 

What if your team could utilize new tools that will help make their slides brilliant? Wouldn't they design better presentations? That's what The Presentation Workshop is all about, providing simple to learn techniques that transform any slide presentation from boring to brilliant. 


  • How to plan the flow of your presentation for maximum results

  • A deeper understanding of the science of engagement and how to inspire them

  • How to break out of the bullet-point rut using Paul's secret slide techniques

  • A strategic way to design your presentation before you get on the computer

  • Shared language that everyone can use when collaborating on a presentation


  • Business Teams
  • Managers and Leaders
  • Anyone who presents on a regular basis
This is THE BEST workshop I have ever been to in my life. It transformed the way I think about making presentation slides in one afternoon.
— Rachel Muir, VP or Training,
Everyone who has to design slides should attend this workshop.
— Ryan Patterson, VP of Client Services & Customer Experience,

Why choose paul:

Powerful and Engaging
Participants learn Paul's techniques through the most powerful learning style there is, before and after slides for each of his secret techniques. Participants will be up and out of their seats building engaging stories using the magic of sticky notes. 

Brain-based Learning
As a creativity expert, Paul's interactive workshop is structured for high-impact learning based on real brain science. Many participants say they didn't even realize it was time for break they were having so much fun. In short, this workshop is extremely sticky.

Rave reviews from workshop participants and organizers
Many of Paul's clients are repeat customers. In fact, some organizations have sent over 75 of their team members through The Presentation Workshop. Time and again, Paul's workshops receives A+ ratings from both participant and event organizers.


Some of Paul's Participating Companies:

Paul Vorreiter Presentation Training Expert