In today’s business, presentations are a necessary, but unfortunately, most are boring, confusing and sometimes painful to watch.

Presentations have to accomplish three things to be effective. They have to inform, entertain the audience and most importantly, close the sale. Great presentations do all three.  Learn easy-to-apply techniques that help you create slides faster, unleash your creativity and inspire your audience. This workshop is designed to help transform your company’s presentations. 


  • How to design a presentation from scratch

  • How to troubleshoot existing slides and make them more powerful

  • How to break out of the repetitive bullet-point rut

  • How to apply Paul’s 15 slide secrets that create impact

  • How to collaborate more effectively as a team


  • Top Executives

  • Business Teams

  • Managers and Leaders

  • Anyone who presents on a regular basi


What participants are saying: 

“This is the BEST presentation I have ever gone to in my life! It transformed the way I think about making presentations.”
— Rachel Muir, VP or Training,
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“Very valuable! Everyone will take something useful away, from novices to experts.”
— Adam Wright, Senior Research Analyst
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“Forget everything you thought you knew about PowerPoint Presentations.”
— Karyn Plagens, Large Account Manager 

Some of Paul's Participating Companies:

Paul Vorreiter Presentation Training Expert

Why choose paul:

Powerful and Engaging
Participants learn Paul's techniques through the most powerful learning style there is, before and after slides for each of his secret techniques. Participants will be up and out of their seats building engaging stories using the magic of sticky notes. 

Brain-based Learning
As a creativity expert, Paul's interactive workshop is structured for high-impact learning based on real brain science. Many participants say they didn't even realize it was time for break they were having so much fun. In short, this workshop is extremely sticky.

Rave reviews from workshop participants and organizers
Many of Paul's clients are repeat customers. In fact, some organizations have sent over 75 of their team members through The Presentation Workshop. Time and again, Paul's workshops receives A+ ratings from both participant and event organizers. 

Workshop Overview:

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