The Presentation Workshop™

“Design powerful slide presentations and increase the impact on your customers.”

Key Focus:
+ slide design
+ presentations
+ sales decks
+ 15 slide secrets

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Perfect for:
+ Top Executives
+ Sales People
+ Leaders and Managers
+ Marketing Teams
+ Anyone who presents

Go from Boring Bullet-points to Brilliant Slides!

The Presentation Workshop™ will empower your team members with easy-to-apply design techniques that help them create presentations that engage an audience and get results.

This workshop delivers powerful skills that everyone can apply to their next slide presentation. It’s more than PowerPoint, Paul helps people understand how simple shifts in their approach to slide design can dramatically increase the effectiveness and engagement of their next presentation. 

Participants Learn How to:

  • Save time designing slide presentations from scratch

  • Troubleshoot existing slides for common mistakes and know how to fix them

  • Break out of the “bullet-point rut” and design compelling, interesting slides

  • Increase team collaboration using an easy-to-understand slide language and set of powerful workshop tools 

  • Apply Paul’s 15 tried and tested Presentation Slide Secrets and Strategies™ and know when to use them for greater impact